POST TIME: 2 August, 2017 00:00 00 AM
Malaysian envoy acknowledges receiving heaps of complaints

Malaysian envoy acknowledges receiving heaps of complaints

On the heels of numerous allegations of harassment of Bangladesh nationals at Malaysian airports and deportation despite having valid visas, the high commission of Malaysia in Dhaka is planning to scrutinise the visa issuing process to try to mitigate the problem.

“Yes, our high commission has received many complaints from different quarters and individuals. Your foreign ministry has also stayed in touch with us. The complaints are mostly related to harassment, malpractice and deportation of people with valid visas issued by the high commission,” Malaysian High Commissioner in Dhaka Nur Ashikin Mohd Taib told The Independent on Sunday.

“We are looking into the allegations of harassment and are in constant touch with our immigration department in Kuala Lumpur,” she said.

About the deportation of Bangladeshis with valid visas, the envoy said, “Deportation has always been there due to many reasons. But, this has hit the headlines of media due to the deportation of a high-profile individual.” Though she did not name a name, apparently she was referring to the deportation and alleged harassment of Adidur Rahman Khan, secretary of Odhikar, a human rights organisation.

The high commissioner also said, “Whenever we contact our immigration department in this regard, they say it is their discretion to allow somebody in, which is right in the eyes of law.”

When asked why the immigration would deport someone as the Malaysian high commission in Dhaka issues visas after being convinced by the documents submitted by the applicants, she said, “This is the gap between us and the immigration department in Kuala Lumpur we are working on.

We are, in fact, planning to scrutinise our existing visa issuing process and the criteria to be fulfilled to obtain visa.”

When contacted, Bangladesh High Commissioner to Malaysia Shahidul Islam said, “We are very much aware of the problems suffered by our nationals at the Malaysian airports and whenever possible we raise the issue related to harassment and deportation with the concerned authorities in Kuala Lumpur.”

About the possible reasons, he said, “Detention and subsequent deportation take place if any person is unable to satisfy the immigration official concerned about the purpose of the visit. Sometimes, the type of visas and authenticity of the documents become an issue”

“Sometimes, detention and deportation take place after the immigration officials get convinced that there is possibility of misuse of visa with which the travellers arrived at the airport,” he added.

“I request all prospective visitors to Malaysia to come with genuine visa and not to be cheated by the middlemen,” said the high commissioner.

Meanwhile, a senior Bangladeshi diplomat pointed out to a constraint on the part of Bangladesh to become outspoken on the issue of harassment and deportation.

“Before we speak to the Malaysians in this regard, we have to think about any possible effect on Bangladeshi workers living in Malaysia and future prospect of employment,” he said.