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AG ‘hurt’ by restoration of Supreme Judicial Council

AG ‘hurt’ by
of Supreme
Judicial Council

Attorney General Mahbubey Alam yesterday said the concept of Supreme Judicial Council belongs to juntas, Pakistan and Ziaur Rahman and he (Alam) was hurt by the restoration of this concept by the apex court, reports BSS.

"Supreme Judicial Council has been reinstated. My point is that amending, restoring any article of the constitution is the job of parliament. If the court starts to do the job, there is no need of parliament. Court can declare illegal any amendment of the constitution. But restoring any article of the constitution is, in my view, the job of parliament," he said.

The chief law officer of the state said these while talking to newsmen at his office after the release of the full text of July 3 apex court judgment upholding a High Court verdict declaring illegal the 16th amendment to the constitution.

The 799-page text of the judgement was released yesterday and was uploaded on the Supreme Court website at around 11.30 am.

The attorney general said the decision on filing a petition seeking review of the Appellate Division judgment

depends on the government. “The government will certainly give me advice or order on what to do after this judgement,” he said.

“Our appeal was dismissed unanimously. The chief justice at one stage in the verdict said article 116 of the constitution goes against the constitution itself. But we couldn’t find anything about it in the last portion of the verdict,” he added.

The attorney general said he does not see any part of the verdict which could be called order of the court, he said, adding the part against article 116 can be deemed as an observation of one of the judges.