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Interview with a talented RJ

Interview with a talented RJ

Y&I desk

RJ Shimu is one of the popular Radio Jockeys (RJ) in the Radio industry of Bangladesh. Currently she is working at Radio Aamar 88.4 FM. She is now doing a show named ‘’Aamar Bhalobasha’’ with the renowned RJ Love Guru and other branded shows. Besides RJ-ing she is working at a multinational company but even then she likes to introduce herself as an RJ. Y&I recently caught up her for an interview to share his experience about RJ-ing.

How did you start RJ-ing? What inspired you to become a radio jockey?

The journey of becoming a Radio Jockey was not easy. I had to wait a lot but still did not lose hope and that is what brought me here in this position. I feel, every person has something in them which can be tagged as their best quality. I had realized, my best quality was being able to talk beautifully and my voice is my strength. That is what worked ad an inspiration for me.

What do you enjoy so much about being a Radio Jockey?

The thing I enjoy most about being an RJ is, when I talk, people listen to me. We can’t find this in any other profession, can we? And the best part is, without even seeing me, they are considering me their friend and are valuing all the words that I say. I absolutely love it!

How would you justify the fact that the job of a radio jockey is not as lucrative as other professions?

I feel, the situation is changing now. A lot of good radio stations are offering full time jobs with good salary and provides an opportunity to take it as a proper profession. Radio stations have a lot of segments to work, which is another good thing.

It’s a common said that the job of an RJ is pretty easy – it’s just about talking.  

Most people have this conception that RJ-ing is a very easy thing to do. You just have to talk, what is so hard about that?! But you see, talking in itself is an art. You have to utter the correct sentences, both grammatically and sensibly, your pronunciation has to be perfect and within all this you will have to entertain everyone. Again, some messages with awareness have to be there too. There will be times when you need to be witty, answer to certain situations instantly and have to handle things such a way that no problem occurs furthermore. There are times when we ourselves are not in the best emotional stage but even then having to bring a smile on others faces. So no, it is not an easy job.

What preparations do you take before your show starts? How important is your contribution in the scripting of a programme?

Before starting any show, we have to have the right mental preparation. We check our play lists since song plays a very important role in a show. We organize the show’s contents and consider which information do we have to need to convey and which not. The thing is, without the endorsements (which is basically scripted), we come up with everything instantly, right then and there.

How important is creativity for a radio jockey?

Of course you need to be creative to be an RJ. Because each and everyday, you have to show your creativeness through scripting and coming up with interesting content in your show. Bangladesh has a huge number of female RJ-s, working side by side with male ones. And I feel the environment we work in is pretty supportive.

Do you think the number of FM radio listeners is increasing?

Yes, the listeners have a lot of options these days. They listen to different radio stations, different shows and are deriving different flavors. Listeners are increasing in number too.

Which are your favourite radio programmes?

I think my best show was ‘’Ponds Romance Hour’’. I also enjoy Aamar Bhalobasha as well. And among other shows of other radio stations, I love Sadia Apu’s morning show.

What are you doing beside RJing ?

I work in another multinational company but even then I like introducing myself as an RJ.