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Govt to introduce studentsí cabinet

Govt to introduce studentsí cabinet

The government is going to introduce students’ cabinet for the students of secondary and technical schools and Dakhil madrasas with a view to inculcate democratic values among students since adolescent, assisting teachers in teaching-learning activities and helping prevent dropout. For the formation of the students’ cabinet, an election of the students for secondary and Dakhil levels will be held on August 8, Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid said yesterday. The cabinet will be formed for one year in each educational institution with eight member representatives who will be elected by the direct votes of the students. The minister said this at a press briefing in his office at the secretariat in the capital.
The minister said the election will be held at 1,043 educational institutions in 487 upazilas and eight metropolitans. Students from class-VI to Class-X will be included in the voter list. As per the election schedule any student can be candidate for the election. A total of 6,24,532 voters of 495 secondary schools, 487 Dakhil madrasas and 61 technical schools will cast their votes. Of the voters, 2,56,058 are female voters and 3,68,474 are male voters.
A total of 15,843 candidates will fight for 8,344 posts across the country. The minister said each voter will be able to cast eight votes –one in each class and two each in three other classes. The first meeting of the students’ cabinet will be held after seven days of the election with chief election commission in the chair. The cabinet will hold on meeting in each month and the decision of the cabinet will be considered final, he added. The cabinet will also hold a general meeting with the participation of general students after six months and the elected members will be accountable to the meeting.If any member fails to carry out his/her duties or unable to carry out his/her responsibility, he/she will resign and the vacancy will be filled up by the student who got the next highest votes, he added.
The teachers, managing committee and guardians will provide all-out assistance to the students. The candidates will not be able to use any symbol or printed posters for campaign during election, Nahid said.  The students’ cabinet manual and election schedule have already been sent to the schools and the candidates have already submitted their nominations on July 27. The election will be held from 8am to 1pm without any pause. The students’ cabinet will hold eight portfolios –environment conservation; books and learning materials; health; sports, culture and co-curriculum activities; water resources, tree plantation and gardening; observance of days, reception and entertainment; ICT.