POST TIME: 6 August, 2015 00:00 00 AM
Dhaka Pop Culture Expo 2015 Held

Dhaka Pop Culture Expo 2015 Held

Shams Noor

Comic cons have become increasingly popular among the Bangladeshi youth in recent years. Adding a new dimension to our pop culture, these conventions are attracting people of all ages, especially the teenagers and young adults. So it was no surprise when a large number of excited participants flocked to Baridhara DOHS Convention Centre on the 31st July and 1st August when Dhaka Pop Culture Expo, one of the biggest comic book conventions in Dhaka, returned for its 2015 edition. As always, the event attracted cosplayers from all across Dhaka and some from even outside the capital who entertained a large audience with their costumes and performance.
Major Comic-Anime merchandise shops like Aoi Sakua, JCC, 3 Otaku as well as many others set up stalls alongside other establishments like Dhaka Comicon and We Draw Stuff. Live performances from Tama & Tina, B-Bots, Corporate Crew, and the Yeo Sisters kept the crowd cheerful and energized in the gloomy weather.