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Tuesday 10 December 2019 ,
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Ethics in Qurbani: Purity of sacrificial animals

Qurbani is not meant for buying robust or fattened cow, or demonstrating ill-gotten money to society
Muhammad Munir Chowdhury
Ethics in Qurbani: Purity of sacrificial animals

The sale of sacrificial animals has been gearing up as the great festival of Eid-ul-Azha is knocking our door. Qurbani, the sacrificial Eid has immense contribution to fulfill the protein demand and nourishment of poverty-striken people. It brings smiles on the faces of poor & extreme poor who suffer from malnutrition as regular intake of meat is rare to them. But artificial process of fattening cow has been posing serious health hazard. Ignorance among farmers on proper use of steroid and profit hunting addiction among the traders are major concerns. Dexamethasone which is used for fattening cows is actually meant to be used to activate moribund patients. Steroids like Diclofenac, Oradexason, Steron, Decason, Adam Cortan, Cortisol, Hydrocortisol etc. are used for fattening with using excessive urea in fooding. May be it is the adverse impact of globalization. So production and marketing of cattle have been trapped into business crime. Here, globalization is the reason behind unlimited greed which paves the way for reckless use of steroid for super sonic (!) like speedy growth of cattle. Globalization justifies it in the name of innovation and development. Consequently, the innocent animals seem to be victims of unquenchable thirst of human greed. Scientific study tells that, use of steroid causes hyper activity in the stomach of cow that results in excessive thirst and hunger, thus causing more demand for feed. Such unnatural feeding with unbearable pressure on digestion affects cow's kidney. Consequently, excessive water and urine spread out in the whole body without filtration causing inflated body. Scientific research also reveals that excessively steroided cows are not curable. Such alarming situation makes the citizens worried in having pure cows. The governance of livestock department lies in 3 major factors: ensuring vaccination properly, preserving vaccine safely & ensuring feeding purely. The artificial fattening goes unabated for lacking proper knowledge & training with lax enforcement of law.

In the light of fundamental principles of Qurbani, unnaturally fattened cow's meat being contaminated is not Halal (pure). The inevitable effect of contaminated meat affects human kidney, liver, lungs and other organs, destabilizes hormonal balance of pregnant woman and damages natural immune system. Even long time boiling of such meat cannot reduce the poisonous effect. Consequently, health hazard causes burden on our medical treatment cost and the economy as a whole.

Mobile Court by Executive Magistrates, Department of Livestock, Food Safety Authority, City Corporation and Municipal authorities should immediately come down in the field with the mission of eliminating such heinous crime. Such offence was incorporated in the schedule of Mobile Court Act, 2009 and at Fish Feed and Animal Feed Act, 2010 as well. Clause 12(1)(A) of this Act says, if fish feed or animal feed contains any harmful element for fish or environment and as per section 12(1)(B) if that feed standard deviates from ideal level, it falls under crime. Clause 14(1) of the same Act prohibits use of antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids and pesticides as well as other chemicals as fish and animal feed. Besides, cruelty to Animals Act, 1920 empowers the Magistrate to destroy contaminated/diseased animals. If we recall our memory, millions of Bird Flu affected hens were destroyed in 2009 for saving public health. In United Kingdom, huge number of madness affected cows were also killed. Through this feature, I would like to urge Deputy Commissioners of 64 districts to launch stringent mobile court drives against unauthorized steroid selling. Administration must free sacrificing cattle from the curse of steroids this is ethics & commitment of civil servants. Genetic development of cattle and import of high quality semen are also pertinent issues. Department of Livestock, BGB, Police and Mobile Court should ensure successful drive by using kit for blood and hormone tests. I was surprised to hear that livestock department lacks primary means of instant blood & urine testing of cattle. Without proper chemical test, it might harm to genuine rearers and traders. Necessary software, kit and technology are integral part of institutional innovation of livestock department for detecting steroids or harmful elements in cow. Mobile Court will not only impose fine or imprisonment, parallelly clause 516 to 525 of Code of Criminal Procedure of 1898, must be execrised for destroying the contaminated cows with complying religious procedures. My experience from Mobile Court is that such crime cannot be halted unless poisoned cows are destroyed like destroyal of contaminated foods by Executive Magistrates. Unscrupulous traders won't get the opportunity reap benefits when they face huge financial loss by killing of poisoned cows in parallel with penalty & imprisonment which might be a strong deterrent against committing of such crime. Our experience says only campaign will not yield the desired result. Genuine cattle farmers should also be provided incentives to market their pure cattle.

Article 15 of our constitution ensures food security for the nation. But Government alone is not mandated to ensure food safety. A class of citizens having illegal money have made Qurbani as feast & amusement.  

No law can be perfectly implemented unless citizens become ethical and aware. Qurbani is not meant for buying robust or fattened cow, or demonstrating ill-gotten money to society. Avoidance of pride, immorality, corruption and egoism is the basic teachings of Qurbani-the divine guidance of Almighty Allah.

The writer is Director General Anti-Corruption Commission Ex-Magistrate of Mobile Court Drive in food, drug and environment sector

email: mmunirc@gmail.com



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Editor : M. Shamsur Rahman
Published by the Editor on behalf of Independent Publications Limited at Media Printers, 446/H, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1215.
Editorial, News & Commercial Offices : Beximco Media Complex, 149-150 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh. GPO Box No. 934, Dhaka-1000.

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