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Thursday 17 October 2019 ,
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Ideas of modern education

If the roots of education are based on a strong framework, then it can become a real education
Mohammed Asaduzzaman Chowdhury
Ideas of modern education

Education is the key to building a nation as a modern and progressive one. It can be compared to the tree roots. If the roots of education are based on a strong framework, then it can become a real education. But if it is not, then through traditional education, people are misguided by not finding their true goals. Although many experiments have been going on in education for a long time, it has not yet been universally acknowledged. As a result, no conclusions have yet reached the actual nature of education. Many countries have developed, tested and recognized education system but many say it is not suitable for our country. But there is no logical reason why it is not suitable, but it is very much said from the concept of self. This is because there is no continuous study of education in our country. There is no long-standing committee on education, experts, academics, researchers, psychologists, socialists, and state-of-the-art people.

There is no education-related research center for the variability and enrichment of education. It can be analyzed in such a way that the invention and excellence of any technology but it does not happen suddenly. The process of enriching it through basic and applied research has continued for several centuries. Likewise, the principles of an education system were made, but it remained in the same state as it was made. But considering the variability of education over time, enriching education policy is not considered. Another important thing is that there is no policy of making any policy but implementing it, there is no search for success or failure of any kind. It does not apply to education policy only, but it does not analyze the results of its application after making any policy. But in the first place, the idea of taking feedback on the idea of planning, implementation, and implementation of it, in reality, has not yet developed into us. Which needs to be developed through self-criticism. But as a nation, we make a lot of mistakes in one place. Many think of self-criticism as weaknesses, not as a liberal or advanced viewpoint. From this negative connotation, self-criticism is required to be brought into the pattern of positive culture. And in all cases, accountability with self-sufficiency will be ensured. If the analysis shows that education system is more successful and fruitful in modern, progressive and practical application than our country's education system, but it should be seen as positive, not as negative. If the issue is to be made logical, it would have been Bangladesh's plan to implement digital Bangladesh first and it proved to be successful and effective because a country like India has dreamed of building a digital India by following us. When the local and foreign conspirators had turned away from the implementation of the Padma Bridge, many people had a negative connotation as to impossible to implement the Padma bridge. But Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced her pledge to implement Padma bridge with a positive approach. Today the Padma bridge is visible. Today is my pride as a nation.

It was not about building a bridge, but it was the unimaginable inspiration for building the nation's dignity, self-confidence, and morale. Teaching can be done by learning from the children in the education system. This will increase the effectiveness of job education as well, and in real life, it will create new opportunities for employment. In this context, the idea of America's Rhode Island school is considered. The attributes of this school are the teaching of students in the hands of students. From the beginning of the life course, a student can learn in terms of what he really is interested in learning about in the real sense. In this thought, the students of this school work together with their teachers and work in the workplace. The argument is that these students will choose their favorite job as a career. This school's strategy and teaching method are to teach a student who is dreaming of doing things in future, since childhood. At present, in 55 advanced schools like America, education is being pursued by following such educational methods. Which can be thought of in our education system. Finland's education system is identified as the world's number one education system. According to the education system Program for International Student Assessment, from 2001 to 2009, the top position in education is confirmed. What is significant here is that the Finnish students are considered as the best in the world of reading, mathematics, and science. In order to follow the advanced, lifelong and practical education system, Finland is followed by the education system of South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. It is astonishing, however, that intellectuals are not tested in the traditional system of education in these countries. Again, the importance of homework and assignments is not important here. Because of this, the interest of researchers from different countries of the world, including the United States of America, is the Finnish education system. Finland's education system is considered 'heart' by the teachers of that country.

Though there are basic principles in the field of teachers, it is preferred to work with them in faith and independently in the field of education. The main objective of teachers is to make students creative and to ensure the quality of education. Teachers can apply their talent and thinking about how a student can easily and will be concentrated on one subject. Many years ago, our close poet Rabindranath Tagore happily told us to take education but it is not in our country, but it has been adopted as the primary part of education in other countries including Finland. In the education system of these countries, there is no need to learn how to learn, how to live, or how to be found, rather than evaluating the merit of the so-called merit, these issues are given priority in the initial stage. Because they think that real success and victory cannot be verified through unequal competition. If the education system of Japan is considered, then it is seen that the first thing here is that moral education is preceded. In addition to the traditional issues, Japan has to know about the calligraphy and poetry. For the purpose of teaching life, here too, learning about seeing and seeing life in the initial stage is considered as a criterion of intellectualization, and these issues are given priority. But in our country's primary education system, the test intimidation and the burden of books create a psychological complexity among the students. Instead of getting the right process of evaluation of the students at the elementary level, it is rather creating long-term psychological complications among the learners. Another thing that is being avoided is that the mind is creating selfishness in the people without creating the generosity of mind and attitude. Which may have adverse effects on the psychological and social analysis. When a parent has to become a doctor or an engineer, because of his parents' emotional pressure from their childhood, their world of thought decreases and their place of generosity is interrupted. This is because it is said that when a person is imposed on something outside his mind, his personal thoughts do not develop. One of them is selfishness. As a result, he does not see everyone around him as human as his opponent. He is not born as a genuine social and a people of the state. But if a student was to be told that he would be the real person through education, he would have been able to enrich the society and the state. As a result, he developed unselfish attitudes and unselfish attitudes towards all in the society. Here the failures of the traditional unitary mental education of the society are failing. The point here is that due to education, a central mentality is being created or education due to mentality is losing its course. But complementary to each other is undoubtedly what can be said.

But even though experiments with education continue to be studied, it is necessary to create a new education through education, the development of innovative thinking, and the underlying belief that social behavior, the psychological and scientific analysis should not be done. But the hope is that the present government has taken the initiative to introduce improved and life-oriented education through explanation and analysis because the maximum importance of education is that Finland and Sweden are behind Bangladesh's education compared to these two countries. We have to demonstrate the generosity of our country by examining where many countries in the world have tested.


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Editor : M. Shamsur Rahman
Published by the Editor on behalf of Independent Publications Limited at Media Printers, 446/H, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1215.
Editorial, News & Commercial Offices : Beximco Media Complex, 149-150 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh. GPO Box No. 934, Dhaka-1000.

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