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Caring for the elderly

The elderly should not be burdened with the anxieties of life
Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed
Caring for the elderly

Rights refer to power, position and status. Through power, position and status, rights are established. By the virtue of the above-mentioned three things, a society becomes glamorous and shining. Society loses its charms, dignity and prestige without access to rights of fundamental things in human life. Human life becomes barren and inactive where there is absence of rights. Where there is no exercise and honest practice of equal rights, humanity is hampered. Society collapses, its identity is lost and finally it gets ruined. People are the part and parcel of society. In every society, people have the right to live, right to eat, right to wear, right to education, etc.

By birth all people whether they are children, youth and the elderly are citizens of the state. Right after birth, rights ought to be claimed by every citizen and these rights ought to be upheld until death. If somebody thinks that after a certain period of time rights for human beings ceases to exist. According to them only the brave and the younger will deserve the fair. To them, the old do not deserve everything. In some so-called progressive country the old are hated, they are not duly honoured. Even in some countries the old are suggested to leave the world not by giving burdens to others. This is totally inhuman. Actually the old should be treated as gold. If they live long and contribute to the nation with their experience, it would be an added value for building an ideal society.

Everything of the old in our society must be taken care of. They must not be burdened with the anxiety of life. They must be free of want and stress. Everything that they needs must be available within their reach. All timely demand must be satisfied. Wants will give them pain and sufferings. In no way, they will suffer from any complicacy. Life is a need to be simplified. It cannot be mixed with horror rather they should be treated by any misunderstanding. Again, the old should not be misguided or mishandled. Youth must not be indocile to them. In old days a man or women may be blind, they may be deaf or dumb for their old age complicacies. If such persons are found crossing the road they must be assisted by the youths.

The neighbour of the old or their relations in the society must be polite and sympathetic towards the old. Because the old people in their past did a lot for the welfare of the society and they contributed a lot as it is managed by the youths. So, hard attitude is not accepted by ethics. Their previous contribution must be recognized by family and society. In our society, there are many old and crippled persons who are not properly respected by their successors. The old father or mother is not properly looked after. Rather they are treated inhumanly. They are tortured by the family members or even they are abused. Service is not rendered properly to them. They are maltreated and no nourishment is provisioned for them. They are kept isolated, unfed and pass time with no medical care. They often live in unhygienic and unhealthy environment. No safe drinking water, clean bedroom, washroom, bathroom is allocated for them. They are not well attended even at the time of their critical condition.

In the west or developed countries, there are old management centres. The old are managed there the following the designated rules and policies of the centre chiefs and supervisors. There are required number of attendants and nurses to look after their everyday affairs. How the centre will be managed is ascertained by their wishes, likings and disliking. A board is constituted by the members from them. They sit together, discuss and find out the points and counter points of the system which to be maintained. In the west, all are guaranteed by the government.

Everything is brought to a specified scale. Likings and disliking of the old are completely separate than that of the children or youth. Every liking of the old must be considered as of a right not as a mercy. Their likes and dislikes must be assessed well, evaluated and monitored properly. They can, in no way, be neglected. Their choices and likings must be prioritized and fulfilled. If they are not understood, it will create unhealthy atmosphere. They may react for which the old man’s complicacies will increase and it will be unmanageable. The old should maintain the mental peace of mind. If the old are not properly nourished, they may get crazy and clumsy situation will arise. So the old should not be disturbed. They should be handled very correctly, carefully and very cautiously. The old age is very highly sensitized. From mental pressure they may collapse or abnormally behave. So this is not desirable for other members of the family. If peace is maintained in them, other members can stay in peace and stay fine. The old should not be highly tempted. We must be sympathetic upon the old. In no way, we should be intolerant and inconsiderate to them. The old people should be provided with the recreational facilities and necessary privileges. They should not be isolated from society. If they are detached it would be very unkind and cruel. Directly and indirectly, arrangement should be there for them to join every social affair. Through participation in the programme or any festival, they can enjoy and get the mental satisfaction as if they are part and parcel of the family and social events. If any old man has any hobby of his own, he must be given the freedom to do it. If one is interested in indoor playing, he/she must be allowed to do it. And old man or women needs a company to perform recreational job. These arrangements need to be made for their peace. They should have a different world from where they can find pleasure and charms of life.  

The way they want to lead their life may not be accommodative. But they should be assisted and given the support of all means what they deserve. They should chat, play, do fun, read newspapers, work, smile, watch movies and share love, feeling and emotion. Always he must pass his time in enjoyment and merriment. Old are not always neglected. In their old age they can help us with their teaching, wisdom, knowledge and experience. By their experience society can be enriched and we can flourish ourselves. Old people must be taken care of cordially. And finally all their rights and privileges must be maintained.

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Editor : M. Shamsur Rahman
Published by the Editor on behalf of Independent Publications Limited at Media Printers, 446/H, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1215.
Editorial, News & Commercial Offices : Beximco Media Complex, 149-150 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh. GPO Box No. 934, Dhaka-1000.

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