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Karapur Miah Bari Mosque

Karapur Miah Bari Mosque

M Mahmud Ali

Old mosques are one of the most common heritage structures found in Bangladesh. The reason is that this country was ruled by several Muslim dynasties over the centuries. And as a mark of their dominion, and also to serve religious purpose, the Muslim rulers built a number of unique mosques during their rules.
Karapur Miah Bari Mosque is an old mosque in Barisal district. The mosque is located at Mia Bari of Uttar Karapur village under Roy Pasha Karapur Union in Barisal sadar upazila. It is believed that a certain Muhammad Jahid built the mosque in the early 19th Century.
The mosque consists of three domes and the middle one is a little bigger than the other two. The architectural style of the mosque is terrace type, which is rectangular in shape. The mosque is built over a high platform, or base. There are several rooms on the ground level. These days, the ground floor is being used as a madrasa. The upper floor is used for prayers. There is a wide staircase to reach the top floor. Very unusually, two graves are found below the stairs.
The mosque has eight minarets, four in the front and four at the back. Apart from these, there are several mini minarets in between. All the minarets and the upper portion of the mosque are beautifully decorated. A large pond on the eastern side of the mosque adds to the beauty of its surroundings.
Karapur Mia Bari Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques of the country in terms of its decorations. But it is a matter of disappointment that recently, the authorities have repainted the mosque and done some sort of restoration work. And thus, the amazing mosque has lost its antique look entirely. 

Reference: Bangladesher Masjid by Syed Mahmudul Hasan (Bangla Academy, 1995).

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