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Importance of socialising and cultural activities

Importance of socialising and cultural activities


Terrorism, violence and racism are now some of the biggest issues going on throughout the whole world. Extremists are killing people for no apparent reason, people are being judged based on their race, skin colour or religious belief. Young people are being brainwashed, leading them to commit crimes and harm other people. There is not a single sign of unity left in this world.
And if it goes on like this, the world will eventually come to an end. That is why socialising or interacting with other people is really important. Thus, respecting and knowing others is equally important.
People, especially children, should be involved in cultural activities more often than they usually are. They also need to learn more about their country and their own history and culture as much as possible. It’s not necessary for them to know every single thing about their country or participate in every single cultural event that takes place, but they at least need to know some things about their country, its history and culture. And socialise with people as much as they can.
Instead of doing stuff in their spare time that is not that useful or necessary, children can read storybooks or learn to play musical instruments, like a guitar, violin, table or harmonium. They can also learn songs, which represent their country and culture. The same thing goes for teenagers and young adults.
So, if people can socialise or interact with other people more often, unity and peace can become quite a regular thing. Our beloved earth can be a nice and peaceful place to live in, as all innocent and kind-hearted people desire.

The writer is a student of
Marie Curie School, Dhanmondi.