POST TIME: 9 May, 2017 00:00 00 AM
BNP slams govt for ‘repression, killing’

BNP slams govt for ‘repression, killing’

BNP yesterday described the current government as the worst ever one in the country's history, saying that it does not think twice to kill or repress people when it comes to protecting its power, reports UNB. Speaking at a workers' meeting of Dhaka North city unit at the Institution of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir also said Awami has become an 'irrelevant' party in the country's politics as it has got politically bankrupt.
"We're going through the toughest ever time...the country's people didn't see such a worse government in the past. They (govt) don't think twice to kill people and make them disappeared. They don't bother to kill sons in front of their mothers, while fathers in front of their children."
Fakhrul said there is hardly any BNP leader who does not face any case as the government is using 'false cases' as its weapon to suppress its opponents. "Awami League can't now face BNP politically as it has got exhausted. They now have to face BNP by police and filing false cases. There's no necessity of the party now in the country."
He alleged that the government is controlling the judiciary depriving the BNP leaders and activists of justice. "The Chief Justice has recently pointed out some important matters...he spoke the truth that the country's judiciary is not independent now. The government is controlling it and the administration is creating pressure on it."
The BNP leader also said the current parliament is also dysfunctional, and there is no accountability in it for lack of true opposition. "That means there is no iota of democracy in the country. The country is now under an autocratic and fascist rule. That's why our Prime Minister has been in good terms with autocrat Ershad."
He bemoaned that the Sheikh Hasina made Jatiya Party chairman HM Ershad her special envoy though the country's people had boycotted and ousted him in 1990.
Fakhrul urged the leaders and activists of BNP Dhaka north and south units to get united and make their organisations stronger to restore democracy and people's voting and all other rights."
He also said their party wants to go to power through the votes of people in a fair and inclusive election. "We want election, but it has to be held under a neutral government and impartial Election Commission ensuring a level-playing field." The BNP secretary general opposed the cabinet's approval to the draft 'Bank Company (Amendment) Bill, 2017' allowing four members of a family to be the directors of a bank and allowing a director to be able to remain in his/her post for nine consecutive years. "It's an attempt to control all the banks by the ruling party men. They'll grab the banks and plunder public money."