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Shooting of Bubly’s third film in final stage
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Shooting of Bubly’s third film in final stage

Television news anchor-turned-actress Shabnam Bubly-starrer yet another new film titled ‘Ahankar’ is in the final stage. Directed by Shahadat Hossain Liton, the film requires one more day to pack up the shooting completely. DhakaLive has news that Bubly will also complete the dubbing of the film within two-three days.

Bubly said about her new film, “The viewers will see me differently in my new film, which is absolutely opposite to the way they saw me in my first two films ‘Bossgiri’ and ‘Shooter’. My character Maya here contains enough uniqueness and variation. I am satisfied to act in the film and I am grateful to the entire unit, especially to director Shahadat Hossain Liton’.
Bubly also informed that her new film will feature two songs sung by her elder sister Naznin Mimi. She will be seen lip-syncing these songs, which she found very fascinating to her. On the other hand, Bubly is going to act in a few more films very soon. She will share the news to all once the deals will be finalised with the directors. l

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