POST TIME: 17 March, 2017 05:24:51 PM
JU witnesses 10 times higher female teachers in three decades
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JU witnesses 10 times higher female teachers in three decades

With the passage of time, changing has been taking place everywhere; nowadays women are leading many states in the world. Bangladesh is also not lagging far behind from the trend.

If we look at the country's lone residential higher learning seats of Jahangirnagar University (JU), we can see its reflection. 

Since inception of academic activities at JU in 1971, out of the total seats 40 percent had been kept as reserved for female students aimed at encouraging them in higher education.

But, JU Deputy Registrar (Education) Muhammad Ali said, now 49 percent female students are being admitted to the JU from 2016-17 academic sessions raising the male-female students' ratio at 51:49.

"The number was much higher than any other university of the country," he said and hoped that the ratio would become 50:50 in near future.

On the other hand, the number of female teachers at JU registered 10 times higher over the last three decades. When contacted senior teachers of the university said in 1985-86 sessions out of 100 teachers, 17-18 were female which was one-fifth of the total faculty members.

While Deputy Registrar (Teaching) Abul Hasan said the number of female teachers at JU are now over 193 raising their ratio about one-third. 

Besides, as part of women empowerment, the university, for the first time got female vice-chancellor in the history of country's public university. Professor Dr. 

Farzana Islam of Anthropology Department was appointed as vice-chancellor of the university on March 2, 2014 and since then she has been running the university smoothly.

About empowerment of women at JU, associate professor at public administration department and joint secretary of professional women society Zebubnnesa said the example has been set up by the university was really praiseworthy. "I believe, time will come when the ratio of male-female teachers to be stood at 50:50," she added.

Mentioning that the participation of women at a university of developed nation is less than the JU, she said, "Steps have to be taken by the authorities of all universities to materialize the dream of Begum Rokey which she initiated to free the women folk from the clutches of primitive social norms and practices.

Besides, she said that the number of women officers and employees has to be raised at JU as participation of women at national level can ensure economic development and family uplift. She said other universities of the country should follow the JU's example towards women empowerment.

A teacher of Department of Government and Politics Dr. Nasim Akther Hossain said the participation of women at JU was much higher than any other institutions of the country.

She however does not feel complacent for the uplift rather she demanded for ensuring equal male-female participation at all levels of the university. "In many female dormitories, provosts, wardens and house tutors are still now male. 

Although there are many female teachers in the university, male teachers are given appointment to the female dormitories considering their political identity. We do not want to see recurrence of such practices anymore," she added.

She alleged that women are still being treated as women instead of human being and said male-female ratio at university level have to be raised at 50:50 to ensure their equal participation. A woman has to be given space in the university considering her human qualities not as a woman, she added.BSS.