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Nadia busy with dance, acing simultaneously
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Nadia busy with dance, acing simultaneously

Though audience-admired dance artiste and actress Nadia Ahmed feels comfortable to introduce herself as a dance artiste, she has to remain very busy with acting mostly. But alongside maintaining her acting schedule, she has been seen performing in the dance programmes regularly. DhakaLive has news that she will participate in as many as four dance shows in Dhaka, Cox’s Bazar, Bogra next month.

On the other hand, she has started working in a new drama serial titled ‘Alpo Salpo Galpo’ from yesterday. She is playing the role of Ina in this drama serial, which has been directed by Montasir Bipan. Popular actor Intekhab Dinar is acing opposite her.

Nadia said about working in the new drama serial, “In one word, the script of the drama serial is amazing. This is for the first time that I am working under the direction of Bipan. He was trying to work with me since many days. But we couldn’t make it earlier as everything did not match in our ways.  Finally, I am working in his direction. I hope it would be something good in the end.”

Director Montasir Bipan informed that the drama serial will start airing on a satellite TV channel soon.

Besides, Nadia has completed the work of three single-episode tele-dramas meanwhile. Among these projects, two tele-dramas are made by Abu Raihan Jewel and Imran Rana, while the third one has been produced by Bangladesh Television.

However, Nadia is also presently working in a few more drama serials, these are ‘Megher Pore Megh Jomechhe’ directed by Anjan Aiche, ‘Brishtider Bari’ directed by Abu Hayat Mahmud, Babui Pakhir Basa’ directed by Sokal Ahmed and ‘Ayna Ghar’ directed by SA Haque Alik.