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Sujata wants to be regular in acting
DL reporter

Sujata wants to be regular in acting

‘Rupban’-famed actress Sujata, who is currently spending leisure time at home, has expressed her desire to be regular again in acting. The veteran actress believes that the audience still deserves to enjoy her performance on the screen like the golden days of her career as she once was a very popular actress on the big screen. Though she occasionally works in a few films and tele-dramas, she is not satisfied with the overall outcome.
DhakaLive has news that she expressed her dormant desire to the media that she wants to act regularly again in films and tele-dramas. As a result, she requested the directors of films and TV plays that if there is any opportunity for her according to the suitable characters those will match with her, she certainly should be given a chance. Sujata said, “Once upon a time, I used to spend very busy time everyday in shooting. Nnowadays, I don’t have that age and time. But I have strong will power to work again, and I am physically fit for that. So, I hope that the directors will come forward and I would say goodbye to my leisure time very soon.”
Sujata-starrer film ‘Rupban’, which was released in 1965, is a landmark film in the history of Bangla films. Till 1978, Sujata was the successful actress of numerous hit films. Her notable films are ‘Dak Babu’, ‘Jarina Sundari’, ‘Oparajeo’, ‘Agun Niye Khela’, ‘Kanchanmala’, ‘Alibaba’, ‘Beiman’, ‘Onek Prem Onek Jhala’ and ‘Pratinidhi’, among others.
To note, a drama serial titled ‘Chapabaj’, starring Sujata in an important role, is currently being aired on Boishakhi TV.