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Dabbe 4 (Cin Carpmasi): Watch this at your own risk

Dabbe 4 (Cin Carpmasi): 
Watch this at your own risk

Suniv Ashraf

It is time to test your courage. From Turkish film director Hassan Karacadag who’s famous for making horror movies this has come. Dabbe 4 is the most watched movie of Dabbe series. This is a movie with perfect acting and unique story. For those of you who believe in jinns, after watching this movie you will get to know why human beings are possessed by jinns or what is black magic or witchcraft?
This Turkish movie comes with a flamboyant subtitle which takes you through the mysterious and horrifying case of a possessed girl. Like human beings there are evil jinns and also helpful jinns and sometimes human beings are responsible for making jinns evil. Jinns have their own clans and rules. Basing upon this, Cin Carpmasi means ‘the curse of jinn’. This flick portrays a terrible horror sequence with disturbing scenes. The storyline is bushed with the mystery of jinns and black magic. If horror movies are your choices, then you can pick this film as your leisure cause. If you like paranormal activity then you will also like this movie.  And if you think The Exorcist and The Conjuring is the most horror film ever then you are wrong, this movie is beyond that. For the amateur horror movie lovers, go for it at your own risk!