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Mustafizur Rahman: A singer with panache

Mustafizur Rahman: A singer with panache

Nazmus Saquib

He is an out and out corporate guy, a team leader of a Dhaka-based branch of The City Bank and therefore has to maintain a tight schedule. However, despite this, he has immense passion for singing and being a singer he would love to entertain audiences. This young passionate singer recently had a one-on-one encounter with Y&I. Excerpts follow:

How did you embark on your journey as a singer?
From a very young age, I’ve been following music of legendary singers like Hemanta Mukherjee, Manna Dey, et al and tried to do covers of their popular numbers. Initially my friends and family members were my listeners and they used to admire my voice, which, according to them, boasts with a different soothing touch. There are days when I would even forget to take food and instead spend all day by immersing into the world of music. So you can say basically singing is something that I feel most passionate about. I don’t foresee it as a profession though.

Why not?
Actually as a professional banker I don’t have any room to take it as a profession.  Because I am enjoying my present job and singing is something that I would love to do to entertain people. There is no monetary intention behind it.

Tell us something about the albums you have given vocals to.
Composer Ashikur Rahman featured me in two albums: ‘Protisruti (2014)’ and ‘Mix Hitz 2 (2014). In the album ‘Protisruti’ I gave vocals to two songs: ‘Jete Jete Pothe’ and ‘Amar Jibon Jure Tumi’. The songs were penned by Habibur Rahman. In ‘Mix Hitz 2’, I sang one song, ‘Tumi Ami Hariye Jabo’ which was written by me. This year in composer Sameer’s mixed album ‘Hariyechi Mon’ I rendered a song titled ‘Jochna Vora ai Raate’. The lyric was written by Dollar. Apart from me, this album also featured veteran singers like: Fahmida Nabi, Samina Chowdhury, Agun, Hasan Abidur Reza Jewel, et al.

How about your solo album?
Actually the market is not ready now for solo album release due to piracy. However I am already working on my solo album and I would like to release it at the end of the year.