POST TIME: 10 November, 2016 00:00 00 AM
VISA Thing opens doors to hassle free visa procedure

VISA Thing opens doors to hassle free visa procedure

Ferdous Mottakin, CEO of VISA Thing

Ferdous Mottakin, CEO of VISA Thing, shared his sagacity about the perils Bangladeshi people face while searching for visa information of African, Latin American and Eastern Europe destinations in an exclusive interview with The Independent. 

When asked about VISA Thing, Ferdous said VISA Thing is a visa facilitating service that provides visa processing support for over 70 countries, only those that do not have any diplomatic missions in Bangladesh. It also provides visa information for more than 200 countries for Bangladeshi citizens.
Ferdous, also said: “We provide detail updated visa information for over 200 countries so that people can get credible and appropriate information to submit their applications. Earlier a common problem was rejection of visa applications mainly due to lack of appropriate documentation. Now, with VISA Thing, 
one can get every detail of visa application process for any countries, at the click of a mouse.’’
When asked about business travellers, he informed that their organisation does not process visa for those countries that have embassies in Bangladesh, rather they provide service for applying visas for more than 70 countries without going to India or any third country. 
He also added about the time constrain business travellers have, thus going to a third country and staying there to get visa creates issues and hassles. 
VISA Thing saves them time and gives the business traveller a procedure by which they can get the hassle free visa.   
Talking about feedback of the users who have used their service, he answered by saying “So far the feedback from our clients are outstanding. We have seen exponential growth in the acceptance and appreciation of our services amongst our clients.” 
“More than 250 corporate houses, various non-profit and public organisations prefer us to support them on visa processing exclusively, which shows keeping a great confidence on us. As a result, www.VISA Thing.com has become the most credible source of visa information in last 2 years,” he said. 
He also added saying this in turns helps country’s economy, as more and more people start to travel in destinations like Africa and central Asia this helps the country’s consumer market to expand its horizon in the world.   
When he was queried about the future of VISA Thing, he said “At least 1 million travellers across 80 countries face the same challenge that Bangladesh is facing now. We want to help as many of those travellers as we can to make their life easy. We intend to replicate VISA Thing model for some of the neighboring countries in future. Our slogan is ‘The Recurring Hassle, Solved!’”