POST TIME: 6 November, 2016 12:32:29 PM
Father, son share birthday Sunday
Staff Correspondent

Father, son share birthday Sunday

Versatile actor Aly Zaker is not seen as regularly in tele-dramas like before. Just like that, his son Iresh Zaker is also not as regular as he used to be. This is because much of his time is consumed because of official work, and often he has to shoot for tele-dramas on his days off. However, Aly Zaker mentioned that if the story is appealing and if the work can be done in a comfortable manner, then he will be acting in a tele-drama.
Interestingly, both father and son share the same birthday, which is today. They will be spending it together in a special manner as both Aly Zaker and Iresh Zaker will be appearing today live on the popular Channel i programme ‘Taroka Kathan’, which will be anchored by Dilruba Sathi. Both father and son will be sharing interesting stories in today’s show. Produced by Ananya Ruma, today’s episode of ‘Taroka Kathan’ will start telecasting live at 12:15pm from the house of Aly Zaker.
Regarding appearing in the TV show and his birthday, Aly Zaker said, “To be honest, I never remember my birthday. But Ruma always reminds me. When I was younger, my parents never celebrated my birthday in a grand manner. I can only recall one thing that touching some coins with my forehead, they used to give it to a beggar on my birthday.”
Iresh Zaker said, “This was back in 1986, when I was in grade four. That year, there was a party arranged for my birthday in the garden of our Baily Road’s house with my friends. After that, there were some small parties for my father on his birthdays, not for me. Then for educational purposes, I was out of the country for nearly ten years and could not spend my birthdays with family. After I returned, I remember one time that everyone forgot my birthday. But later on, they all remembered.”
Iresh Zaker made his debut in the TV play through ‘Bataser Khacha’ directed by Ziaul Haider Kislu. He got his father Aly Zaker as his co-artiste in his first tele-drama. After that, father and son appeared in several tele-dramas together. They last appeared together four years ago in Mabrur Rashid Bannah’s tele-drama ‘Babar Diary’.  l

Photo courtesy l Mohsin Ahmed