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ICT sector in Bangladesh

ICT sector in Bangladesh

We share the optimism of Sajib Wazed Joy that the ICT sector is the next big thing for Bangladesh as a source of earning foreign currency. The ICT adviser to the prime minister is hopeful that Bangladesh will become a major player in the sector in a few years from now.
Bangladesh has to identify and create opportunities to maintain its relatively stable economic state. ICT and also the telecommunication industries have harnessed welfare for the economy of this country. It is a one-of-a-kind industry which, with slight input, gives outstanding output in the form of economic development, education and employment along with benefits in areas of investment, banking, security, sociability, marketing, tourism and a number of other areas with unimaginable fruits. While we have to say that these spectra of benefits have not yet been fully utilised by the governments for the welfare of citizens but the sector has already managed to change the lives of many people, especially among the youth, for the better.
 Recognising the economic advantages of this sector the government is formulating policies to utilise information technology innovations. The ICT sector has motivated entrepreneurs to gravitate towards this industry which provides better employment opportunities, opens new trade horizons and embarks on track of success through education and awareness.
IT companies have created a sizable market space in service industries like telecommunications, retail and wholesale business, healthcare, education, publishing and real estate. The growth in the software industry has been driven by this growing IT automation demand in the domestic market. The impressive trends in software exports in recent years played a deterministic role as well. Bangladesh has made major strides in laying the groundwork for a diverse and successful outsourcing market, particularly in 2010 and 2011.
A new trend is the individual/group-based outsourcing, also known as freelancing. These are informal initiatives taken by young IT professionals and students to acquire clients through various online marketing channels.
Bangladesh's ICT sector is a glimmering example of what can be achieved if government's goodwill and a skilled workforce work together. Rapid development in the ICT sector also reflects a rapid growth of skilled manpower which ultimately accelerates the economic growth. Despite many challenges such as political instability, financial crisis and power shortages, many large and ambitious projects are going on to achieve digital Bangladesh. If the government functions at the current pace, we would like to hope that within a few years the ICT sector will be the largest revenue earner for Bangladesh.