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Hasan Jahangir with Lux superstars in tele-drama
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Hasan Jahangir with Lux superstars in tele-drama

Popular actor-director Hasan Jahangir will be seen appearing alongside three popular Lux superstars in an Eid special tele-drama titled ‘Prothom Bhalolaga’. Directed by Hasan Jahangir, the tele-drama has been written by Maruf Rehman. The shooting of the tele-drama has been completed in a shooting house in the capital’s Eskaton area last week. For the first time, Hasan Jahangir has acted alongside three popular Lux superstars Prasun Azad, Badhon and Elvin.
Hasan Jahangir said about the tele-drama, “The story of the tele-drama is simply amazing. I play a character by the name of Ishan. Prasun is in love with Ishan. However, unbeknownst to Prasun, Ishan’s engagement takes place with her elder sister Badhon. On the other hand, Ishan’s maternal cousin Elvin also dreams of Ishan. Now begins all the drama. The story moves forward from there.”
He added, “At first the tele-drama was supposed to be directed by another director. But then I thought that since I myself am playing such a pivotal role here, I should take utmost care and finish the job myself. Prasun Azad, Badhon  and Elvin did fantastic work.  Badhon said, “The main reason behind working in this tele-drama is the story. I hope the viewers like it.” Prasun Azad said, “The story of the tele-drama is quite different from the rest. The viewers want something different and unique for Eid. That is why this tele-drama has been presented.” Elvin said, “This is the first time that I am working under the direction of Hasan Jahangir. He does his work in a very organised way and does it with a lot of care. I am very hopeful about the tele-drama.”
Hasan Jahangir informed that ‘Prothom Bhalolaga’ will be aired on RTV during Eid. l

Photo Courtesy: Mohsin Ahmed