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Alamgir turns 67 today
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Alamgir turns 67 today

Today is the birthday of seasoned film actor Alamgir, who turned 67 today. Though he had many plans centring his birthday in his early days, nowadays, no such special plans have been made on the occasion. Rather, the evergreen film hero feels more comfortable to spend the day with his family members. Alamgir said about the day, “Earlier, special plans were made on the arrival of my birthday, but no such plans are chalked out these days. My well-wishers wish me on this day that satisfied and moved me enough. To be honest, I feel good to give time to my family. I prefer not to spend time outside the family on the occasion. Everyone please pray for me, so that I could stay well and fit always.”
On the other hand, wishing her father very best with love and respect on the birthday, popular singer Akhi Alamgir said, “Today only because of my father, I have become a complete human being and a woman. He also inspired me to be very strong mentally.”
“Following the path he showed and education he taught, I have become today’s Akhi”, she added further. Alamgir was born on April 3 in 1950 and his father’s name is Alhaj Kalim Uddin Ahmed (Dudu Mia), who was one of the prominent producers of the film ‘Mukh O Mukhosh’. Alamgir made his film debut with the film ‘Amar Janmabhumi’, while he paired up with once very popular actress Shabana in his second film ‘Dassurani’. Alamgir-Shabana duo with their mesmerizing acting skills made a huge impact on the audience and they had, and still have vast acceptance among the viewers. The special duo paired up together in more than one hundred ventures in the history of Bangladeshi films.
Alamgir-starrer notable films are ‘Chashir Meye’, ‘Joy Porajoy’, ‘Hasi Kanna’, ‘Love in Shimla’, ‘Jaal Theke Jala’, ‘Shaapmukti’, ‘Gunda’, ‘Matir Maya’, ‘Monihar’, ‘Lokichuri’, ‘Hera’, ‘Momota’, ‘Moner Manush’, ‘Rater Koli’, ‘Modhumoti’, ‘Harano Manik’, ‘Meherbanu’, ‘Konya Bodol’, ‘Kapurush’, ‘Shreemoti 420’, ‘Jinjir’, ‘Bodla’, ‘Sampanwala’, ‘Kosai’, ‘Protigga’, ‘Lutera’, ‘Champachameli’, ‘Gayer Chele’, ‘Ostad Saagred’, ‘Dena Pawna’, ‘Modhumaloti’, ‘Ashar Alo’, ‘Boro Barir Meye’, ‘Al Helal’, ‘Sabuj Sathi’, ‘Rajanigondha’, ‘Bhalobasa’, ‘Laili Mojnu’, ‘Basorghor’, ‘Maan Somman’, ‘Dhondoulat’, ‘Notun Prithibi’, ‘Hasan Tareq’, ‘Saltanat’, ‘Dwipkonya’, ‘Sokal Sondha’, ‘Mohol’, ‘Aggniporikkha’, ‘Sokhinar Juddho’, ‘Bhat De’ and others.
Alamgir won his first National Film Award in 1985 for playing the role in the film ‘Nishpap’. Then, he earned the same prestigious award eight more times. Among the other film heroes of the country, he won the award highest number of times.
On the other hand, in 1985, he introduced himself as a director with the film ‘Nishpap’. The last film he directed was ‘Nirmom’.
Alamgir also lent his vocal to the playback of the film in his long career. He did his first playback with the tune by legendary Satya Saha. He sang for the film ‘Aguner Jala’, ‘Kar Pape’, ‘Jhumka’ and ‘Nirdoosh’. l

Photo courtesy: Mohsin Ahmed