POST TIME: 2 April, 2016 00:00 00 AM
Govt trying to ‘put last nail on election system’s coffin’: CPB

Govt trying to ‘put last nail on election system’s coffin’: CPB

Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) yesterday voiced deep concern over ‘widespread violence, vote rigging, attacks on opposition parties’ candidates and supporters, and questioned whether the government is trying to put the last nail on the coffin of the country’s election system, reports UNB.
In a statement, CPB president Mujahidul Islam Selim and general secretary Syed Abu Zafar Ahmed said, “The election system had been put into the coffin with the January-5 voter and candidate-less polls. Is the government now trying to put the last nail into the coffin of the election system through violence and vote rigging in the UP polls?”
The CPB leaders said though they had been calling for taking all necessary steps for ensuring a free, fair and impartial election before the polls, the ‘subservient’ Election Commission only carried out the government’s orders.
They said there were massive irregularities, capturing of polling stations, vote rigging, fake vote, intimidation, terrorism, violence and loss of lives in the UP polls under the Election Commission’s management.
The CPB leaders said the Chief Election Commissioner has openly recognised the vote rigging and election irregularities through his comment that there was no incident of stuffing ballots at night this time for the first time.
They said the violence and loss of lives have marked a rise in the second phase of the UP polls as the Commission did not take even the slightest preventive measurers after the ones that took place in the first phase election.
Selim and Zafar alleged that neither the government nor the Election Commission can avert the responsibility for the huge loss of lives and violence in the two phases of the UP polls.
The government keeps on trying its ill-efforts to snatch people’s all democratic rights. It’s also made the Election Commission into a puppet institution to snatch people’s voting right, they observed.