POST TIME: 2 April, 2016 00:00 00 AM
Shokh, Niloy together in music video for first time
DL reporter

Shokh, Niloy together in music video for first time

The celebrity husband-wife duo of Shokh-Niloy has paired up various times throughout their careers in telefilms, films, tele-dramas and commercials. Now for the first time, the couple will pair up for a music video. Shokh, Niloy will be seen in a music video made by Sajib for the song ‘Ey Somoy’, which has been sung by popular singers Amid and Swarna, directed by Sakib Najar. DhakaLive has news that the shooting of the music video took place in various locations across the capital, alongside work for visual effects which took place in the studio premises of the director.
Regarding the music video, Niloy said, “This is the first time that the two of us have worked together in a music video. I hope the viewers appreciate it. Let’s see how it goes. Sakib Najar completed his studies from the USA and returned to the country. I have known him for the past three years. He used to show some small samples of his work on his mobile phone. He has great knowledge about visual effects. One of my favourite photographers Najmul Hasan did the photography for the music video. In addition, the song itself is quite melodious and relaxing.” To note, this is the second music video in which Shokh appeared. He previously appeared in Parshi’s music video, which was directed by Sohel Arman.
The Shokh-Niloy music video ‘Ey Somoy’ will be aired on Pahela Baishakh.