POST TIME: 14 March, 2016 00:00 00 AM
Bobby gets new Tollywood hero in ‘Bijli’
DL Reporter

Bobby gets new Tollywood hero in ‘Bijli’

Director Iftekhar Chowdhury and actress Eamin Haque Bobby, who started their journey with the same film in the Dhaka film industry, have announced recently that they are going to make a new film titled ‘Bijli’ together based on a story of a super woman. Besides playing as the heroine in the film, Bobby is also the producer of the film. On the other hand, Iftekhar Chowdhury has come up with its screenplay alongside his responsibility as the director. Now everything is set to start the shooting of the film. From the very beginning, since the announcement of making the film has been made, everyone was keeping their keen eyes on the venture to know who will be the hero of the film opposite Bobby. Interestingly, whenever the question was thrown to the director and producer, they escaped cunningly every time. They rather said, “Surprises are coming! You have to wait.”
Now, the wait is over. Director Iftekhar Chowdhury has revealed the name of the hero for their film on Saturday. Newbie actor Ranveer, who is certainly not Bollywood actor Ranveer Kapoor or Ranveer Singh, from the India’s Tollywood film industry is going to act with Bobby in the film.
An Indian company will join their hands with the film as the producer, besides Bangladeshi producer Bobby. So, it is being anticipated that the Indian company has taken an attempt to introduce actor Ranveer as a new face through their platform.
To note, Bobby made her silver screen debut with the film ‘Khuj—The Search’ in 2009. With the same film, Iftekhar Chowdhury also started his journey as a director. Then, under the direction of the same director, Bobby also acted in a few more films, such as ‘Rajatto’, ‘Dehorokkhi’, ‘Action Jasmine’, ‘One Way’ and ‘Malta’.