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Drawings of five artists on display at Shilpangan
DL reporter

Drawings of five artists on display at Shilpangan

Late legendary artist of the country Qayyum Chowdhury (March 9, 1932 – November 30, 2014) was such a person, who not only used to draw pictures, but also lived in them. He will always be remembered for his unique skill in making a book cover and its illustration, besides portraying the pastoral life and folk elements of thousand years of Bangladesh. Whatever he did, he worshiped drawing more than anything amid his daily busy life as he was involved in teaching, working for newspapers and social works. The list of favourite subjects for Qayyum’s drawing included the Liberation War of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu, woman and farmers of Bangladesh, six seasons, flowers, birds and many more.
Though Qayyum Chowdhury died one year ago,  that never means he is no more; rather he will live forever in the hearts of his fans, followers and countrymen through all his astonishing works. To remember Qayyum Chowdhury on the occasion of his first death anniversary, Shilpangan Gallery has organised a drawing exhibition. The exhibition began formally on Friday evening at the gallery premises in the city’s Dhanmondi area. Veteran artist Rafiqun Nabi, architect Mustapha Khalid, Chairperson of Shilpangan Trust Rokeya Kader, Director of Gallery Shilpangan Rumi Noman, among others, were present at the inauguration ceremony. A total number of 78 drawings—those have been collected from the personal collection of writer Mustafa Majid—are put on display in the ongoing exhibition. Among the displayed drawings, 49 drawings were done by Qayyum Chowdhury, while 16 works by Murtaza Bashir, seven works by Rafiqun Nabi and two works by Mustafa Monowar. The exhibition will remain open to all everyday form 3pm to 8pm, until December 10. To note, artist Qayyum Chowdhury passed away after falling unconscious on the stage while addressing the ‘Bengal Classical Music Festival 2014’ on November 30 last year. This year, the fourth edition of ‘Bengal Classical Music Festival’ has been dedicated to the late noted artist.