POST TIME: 7 April, 2020 04:05:33 PM
Khulna city put under lockdown
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Khulna city put under lockdown

Khulna city has been put under lockdown to avert any further spread of COVID-19.

Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP)’s Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Sheikh Moniruzzaman Mithu said, “To stop the spread of Covid-19, a ban on the entry and exit of all people and transports to and from Khulna city was imposed last evening as essential and utility services providing vehicles and individuals who have government permission will be out of the purview of the suspension”.

Besides, the opening and closing times of shops in the city, apart from pharmacies and emergency services, will have to be maintained in line with the directives issued by the district administration earlier, he said.

This instruction will remain in force for all people in the city till further notice as stern legal action will be taken against the violators, he added.