POST TIME: 4 April, 2020 00:00 00 AM
BCB to provide one-time financial aid to 300 support staff

BCB to provide one-time financial
aid to 300 support staff

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) will soon provide a one-time financial assistance to its ground staff, scorers, field workers, office staff, security, peons, and cleaners during the coronavirus lockdown imposed by the government.

The BCB has prepared a list of the 300 staff members who are to receive the one-time payment.

Sources close to the BCB revealed that at least Tk 5,000 –7,000 may be paid to the eligible employees along with their regular monthly salaries.

BCB CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury said: “The one-time financial assistance will be given to 300 different staff members. But the amount of money has not been fixed yet. We have decided to provide this monetary support to our 300 supporting personnel, including ground staff, field workers, office staff, peons, cleaners, and scorers, along with their regular monthly salary. The funds will be disbursed among them soon.”

Earlier, BCB President Nazmul Hassan Papon had announced a one-time financial assistance for support staff, after aid was provided to non-contracted male cricketers along with contracted and non-contracted female cricketers recently.

The BCB president said that the board considers it necessary to provide monetary assistance to those earning a minimum wage at this time of crisis. “Initially, we provided financial assistance to male cricketers and then to contracted and non-contracted female cricketers. Now monetary assistance will be given to the BCB’s lower-income staff, such as grounds staff, scorers, and field workers,” he explained.

“We’re preparing a list of the staff members and will help them accordingly. The salary of our grounds staff is low. Most of them are temporary and non-contracted workers. They are facing huge financial constraints at this moment of crisis. The salary of scorers is not much either,” Papon told journalists.

Currently, the BCB has around 200 ground staff across the country, most of whom work on a contractual basis. They draw a monthly wage of Tk 11,000. There are also 90 permanent staff members who draw a monthly salary of Tk 12,400.

The BCB also announced a one-time monetary assistance of Tk 30,000 for the non-contracted players participating in the Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League and Tk 20,000 for non-contracted and contracted women players. Such payments could help meet the recipients’ expenses during the coronavirus lockdown.