POST TIME: 4 April, 2020 00:00 00 AM
Batting videos help Shadman recuperate during lockdown

Batting videos help Shadman 
recuperate during lockdown

Test opener Shadman Islam Anik, who has recently returned from Australia after undergoing a finger surgery, is watching YouTube clips of great batsmen and old matches at home during the nationwide lockdown.

He is also watching videos of his own batting to sharpen his technique.

“It’s really tough staying at home all the time. I keep telling myself that I could not play due to my injury even if the situation was normal. I'm watching my batting clips to boost myself,” said Shadman Islam, who made his Test debut against West Indies in 2018 after which he considered the eligible successor of Tamim Iqbal for his batting instinct.

 Anik made his Test debut against West Indies in 2018. After that series, he was considered the eligible successor of Tamim Iqbal in the opening slot.

“I am trying to spot my mistakes so that I can improve my technique. I am also watching important cricket matches of earlier periods along with the batting of past masters I like the most,” he said.

Anik returned home from Australia during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The government has asked all those who returned from abroad to put themselves in home quarantine for 14 days to check the spread of the virus. Anik finished his 14-day quarantine period after returning from Australia following his finger surgery. But he could not go to any hospital to change his dressing due to the nationwide lockdown that has been extended for five more days till April 10.

The government set a guideline for home returnees to stay at home quarantine for 14 days to forestall the spread of the life-threatening novel COVID-19 virus. Shadman also remained at home quarantined for around two weeks according to the government’s directives.

“I’m still staying at home. I just finished my home-quarantine period. But the problem is that I can’t go out of home to change my dressing during the lockdown,” said Anik, who has so far played six Tests.

“I am scared of going to the hospital, even though our family physician, Dr Debashis Chowdhury, has assured me that there isn't any need to panic,” he added.

Dr Debashis Chowdhury said: “Anik doesn't need a fresh dressing right now. A dressing is done to prevent the possibility of infection. But the cricketer has no fear of contracting any infection. I told him not to open the bandage at present.”

Anik suffered a finger injury in January this year and missed the tour to Pakistan. Initially, it was thought that he would not need surgery. Later, the BCB sent him to Australia for treatment to avoid any risk.