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Liton’s wife survives from gas cylinder explosion
Sports Reporter, Dhaka

Liton’s wife survives from gas cylinder explosion

Liton Das with his spouse Devasri Biswas Sanchita

Bangladesh national cricket team batsman Liton Das’ wife Devasri Biswas Sanchita has sustained burn injuries in a fire caused by gas cylinder explosion at her Dhaka residence few days ago.

As per family sources it was learned that the incident took place on March 27 when Liton’s wife Sanchita was preparing for tea, a leakage or hole in the cylinder caused a massive explosion that left her seriously injured while escaping the scene.

Sanchita, although managed to protect her face, suffered burn injuries to her right hand to some extent and her hair has also been badly damaged due to the fire.

A portion of the kitchen’s cabinet also collapsed on her following the massive explosion, her family sources has revealed. After recovering a bit, Sanchita shared a post Sunday (March 29) in her Facebook page describing the horrible incident.

“I just cannot express my feeling and it’s not easy by any means to describe that. I was about to die but returned from that. My entire face would have burnt if I didn’t cover my face then. I used my right hand trying to save my face and sustained injuries on that. When I tried to flee the scene, my hair also caught fire,” Sanchita said. “I went to the kitchen room on Friday for making tea. When I tried to light the stove for the second time, all of a sudden it exploded. The incident was dreaded,” she further added.

“I still don’t know what would have happened if my face had caught fire. So, everyone be careful and pray for me. I have to cut my hair. It’s irritating, but I know I will recover.” In the meantime, Liton has informed that Sanchita received all the medical treatments and needs two weeks to recover from her injuries. Earlier on July 28, 2019, Liton and Sanchita tied the knot in a community centre at Mirpur in the capital.