POST TIME: 30 March, 2020 10:18:32 AM
BCB gives 9-point health guidelines for the players

BCB gives 9-point health guidelines for the players

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) circulated a nine-point guidelines in their online group for the development of their immunity system coupled with their mental health to sustain with the adverse environment during the lockdown to prevent the life-threatening coronavirus outburst in the country.

 BCB chief physician Dr Debashis Chowdhury confirmed The Independent over mobile phone about their circulation of 9-point guidelines to the cricketers yesterday.

“We’re providing some important health tips to all the players on the routine so that they can follow those to  use while staying at home because we’re going through at the moment of a crisis situation,” said Debashis Chowdhury.

“Our first advice is that the players should set a new routine which should evolve through light exercise, diet advice for their better immunity, meditation for mental and spiritual strength,” Chowdhury told this reporter yesterday. “We’ve provided them a 9-point guidelines. If the cricketers follow those drills, we believe, they will be benefited from it,” he added.

Suggesting them to decorate their daily routine well, the BCB also instructed the players to eat nutritious food and food grains to increase the disease-preventive power and mental strength.

Dr Debashis advised them to eat Vitamin-C containing fruits among the various fruits. He has given a list of fruits- Lemon, Malta, Orange, spearmint, straw-berry, Papia, pineapple and other seasonal fruits like guava, amra, and olive, broccoli, carrot, vegetables, asparagus, onion, ginger, turmeric, peanut, fruits salad, coffee, ice-cream, chocolate and biscuit etc.

The physician suggested they have to sleep enough from 8-10 hours regularly during the moment to increase the immunity. Besides, they have to avoid smoking.

WHO suggested that players have to practice at least one hour each day. If it’s not possible to go to the stadium, they have to practice at home. National team trainer gave them fitness work before the suspension. As of now, the players were doing their exercise according to the trainer’s directives.

Debashish insisted the cricketers not to be panicked after watching or going through news that they watch on the media portals, TV or on the social media platform. He advised them to follow only the news that will come from credible media sources.

“It’s very important to keep your nerve held at this time of the challenging situation and what we’ve noticed is that if they believe every news they're watching on TV or other media outlets or on the online social media platform they would suffer from the stress,” the BCB chief physician said. “And so, we’re encouraging them to follow news only from the authentic source like the World Health Organisation or the government portals so that they don’t get panicked and take the unnecessary mental stress from the news of the unreliable sources,” he said.

“They’re aware that we don’t have a monitoring system. So, it’ll be better if the cricketers follow the guidelines in this time of crisis,” he signed off.