POST TIME: 24 February, 2020 00:00 00 AM
Call to make measles-rubella eradication drive success
BSS, Rajshahi

Call to make measles-rubella eradication drive success

Health experts at a meeting yesterday urged all concerned to make the forthcoming three-weeklong measles-rubella vaccination campaign from February 29 a total success to save children’s lives. They unanimously underscored the need for raising public awareness to ensure immunization to hundred per cent children to protect them from various diseases.

Divisional Director (Health) office organised the advocacy meeting on Measles-Rubella Campaign 2020 in its conference hall discussing and devising ways and means on how to make the campaign a total success collectively.

Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) and Directorate General of Health Services supported the meeting. Civil Surgeons and Deputy Directors of Department of Family Planning from all eight districts, divisional level government officials and other stakeholders attended the meeting and took part in its open discussion.

During his keynote presentation, Dr AKM Kamruzzaman, Divisional Coordinator of World Health Organisation, gave an overview of the campaign and its aspects. Dr Gopendra Nath said vaccination is vital for saving lives of children.

So all concerned should discharge their duties with utmost sincerity and honesty to enhance awareness among the public to ensure vaccination to cent percent children.

He added that the campaign will be conducted against measles and rubella (MR) targeting the children from 9 months to under 15 years of age. Each of the children will be vaccinated with one dose of MR vaccine irrespective of their previous vaccination status.  The mass vaccination is expected to have an impact to eliminate measles and control rubella. Dr Gopen clarified that measles is one of the most infectious human diseases and can cause serious illness including death.

However, rubella infection among women, especially during early 3 months of pregnancy, has 90 per cent chance to pass the virus to fetus resulting in miscarriage, fetal death, or congenital defects known as congenital rubella syndrome (CRS).