POST TIME: 27 January, 2020 12:50:44 AM
High prices keep kids away

High prices keep kids away

This photo shows an amusement ride at the children’s amusement park set up at the Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) in the capital on Wednesday. Focus bangle photo

The children’s amusement park at the Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) 2020 has not seen much footfall due to high prices of fairground rides.  

The ride that cost Tk 25–40 for the last several years is Tk 40–60 this time.

This year, the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) has allocated two amusement parks for children and adults on both east and west sides at the DITF ground.

Visiting the two parks on Thursday, The Independent found that there were fewer visitors enjoying rides. Many were seen turning away dejected after knowing about the high prices.    

A ticket for jumping, magic boat, wonder wheel, kids rides, train, helicopter, and nagordola rides was being sold for Tk 100, Tk 50, Tk 60, Tk 50, Tk 40, Tk 40 and Tk 40, respectively.   

Mustafa Kamal Sumon, who had come to the amusement park with his two-year-old daughter, complained about the high prices. “I planned to purchase several tickets for my daughter. But after hearing the prices of the rides, I have purchased only two,” he said.

Selim, another visitor, said it should have been Tk 30 per ride instead of Tk 50. He would have purchased several tickets had the price been lower.

Jesmin Akhter was there with her son. She said stalls and pavilions of many brands are offering huge discounts. “But there is no discount at the children’s amusement park,” she added.

Admitting that ticket prices are higher, this year Siddiqur, sales executive of the park, told The Independent: “The prices are a little higher this year as we had to pay more for being at the park. Besides, the prices of other components have also increased.”

The Export Promotion Bureau organised the trade fair with support from the commerce ministry.

According to organisers, the number of stalls was reduced to 483 this year—down from the previous year’s 550—to ensure a more congenial environment at the venue.Foreign traders from 20 countries, including India, China, Iran, Malaysia, Bhutan, and Germany, joined the fair alongside local businesses.

At least 27 foreign pavilions, 66 premier pavilions, 11 general pavilions, eight reserved pavilions, 77 general mini pavilions, 47 premier mini pavilions, 11 foreign mini pavilions, and six reserved mini pavilions were set up at the fair.

According to DITF sources, over 100 CCTV cameras were installed at the venue to ensure 24-hour surveillance. Security is being provided by the police, Rapid Action Battalion, and Border Guards Bangladesh.

The fair is open to visitors from 10am to 9:30pm every day. The entry fees are Tk 40 per head for adults and Tk 20 for minors.

The DITF began its journey of showcasing export-quality goods produced in Bangladesh on December 1, 1995.