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Mobile apps make life easier

Mobile apps make 
life easier

With a digital Bangladesh in focus, it’s only natural that life in this fast changing country will be reliant on ever evolving tech based solutions. In current day Bangladesh, mobile apps are making life easier not only in the city but also in rural areas. The benefits of this are several and the first one is the rise of IT basic life running knowledge among the masses. Today, apps are no longer used by the tech savvy only but by millions of people who are offering services using mobile based options.

The impact is revolutionary to say the least. The biggest proof is the mobile app bases ride sharing where millions of young people are earning a livelihood by offering affordable communication to commuters within the city. However apps have also entered various other aspects of life - ordering food and clothes, medicines and even meeting potential life partners. Since there is so much demand for mobile apps, the local company called Mobio App has emerged to provide a premise for local programmers to showcase their talent and come up with genuine ideas which can be transferred into apps to make life easier. This is an ingenious move indeed because so far, most of the apps used are either copies or have been designed by people of other countries. Local companies will not only give chance to our own programmers but also create a platform for applications that are needed for Bangladesh only. There is an app through which domestic maids can be ordered and such a facility can only come as a relief for millions of housewives in South Asian countries. In similar fashion, mobile applications can also be used to find tutors, personal physical fitness trainers and even partners for exercise.

Over the next five years or so this sector will expand but more young people interested in tech should be encouraged to showcase their talent through various platforms. Since app based services will become a constant feature in our lives, the government must also start to promote young people with talent and provide a chance for them to compete in the international market. Without government patronage, breaking into the global market will be difficult and so, proper help from the authority will provide a fillip to the sector.