POST TIME: 16 December, 2019 11:01:55 AM
Upholding the spirit of Victory Day
Syed Mehdi Momin

Upholding the spirit of Victory Day

Today Bangladeshis throughout the globe are celebrating their glorious Victory Day. On this day in 1971 General Abullah Khan Niazi surrendered to the joint command of Bangladeshi freedom fighters and Indian army at Suhrawardy Uddyan in front of millions of jubilant Bengalis. The Bengalis won their victory after nine months of brave fighting against the Pakistani army and their local collaborators. Today is the time to remember the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu, and the national leaders who, inspired by Bangabandhu, led the nation to victory. On this day, we also remember our foreign friends, particularly India and the erstwhile Soviet Union, for their unflinching support during the crucial nine months of the war. We also recognise and reminisce the sacrifices of the Indian army shoulder to shoulder with the Mukti Bahini in the joint force.

A word of thanks is due to the international liberal media who were a tower of strength at our hour of need. They did a great job of securing goodwill for Bangladesh's cause for which we remain grateful. Despite the odds stacked against Bangladesh when the country became independent, Bangladesh   has achieved much in the last 48 years. The economy has progressed remarkably well. We have achieved self-sufficiency in food, and more and more children are going to school and receiving immunisation from diseases. Bangladesh has clinched the second spot after China in the global readymade apparels scene and we have diversified our exports to other emerging markets and products. Bangladesh has also gone a long way in achieving gender parity.

 Proving the naysayers wrong Bangladesh has not only survived but also flourished since the Victory Day in 1971. With its strengthening economy and well established democratic values Bangladesh is a respected nation in the global community.  Through celebration of this day amid much fervour we declare to the whole world how proud we are about our success in vanquishing the enemy of our freedom.

However it should also be admitted that the egalitarian and secular society that our martyrs sacrificed their lives for is yet to materialise as economic inequality, along with social and economic imbalances continue to draw us back. It is the responsibility of the government, political leaders, civil society members and the people from all walks of life to work together for safeguarding the independence and sovereignty of the country. Poverty, illiteracy and other ills confronting the country should be addressed properly.