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Benefits of One-Stop Crisis Centres

Benefits of One-Stop Crisis Centres

Violence against women and children, the most vulnerable group of people in Bangladesh, is still a regular feature and victims need instant help for recovering from physical injury, assault on dignity and legal support for getting justice. But a tortured housemaid or young boy servant who is poor hardly can expect all this easily in our society. In fact, they continue to suffer without any redress.

Keeping in mind the plights of these people, the idea to open One-Stop Crisis Centres (OCCs) in hospitals is bringing about encouraging  results. At present, these OCCs are available in some selected government hospitals where healthcare services and legal assistance to the oppressed women and children are provided. The victims are also given policing, forensic DNA test and mental counseling for their rehabilitation as and when necessary.

But these OCCs only at seven divisional cities as well as in Faridpur and Cox’s Bazar Medical College Hospitals will not be able to provide help to tortured women and children all over the country because their number is so great. Even a casual look in a day’s media as a whole can give you an impression how extensively the problem is prevalent in our society.

Women and children, who are physically tortured, violated or burnt get medical, legal and other assistances free of cost at the OCC since the centres have doctors, police personnel, nurses, social welfare department officials, counselors and lawyers at the same time. This indeed would be taken to be a great social help for these vulnerable people.

The success of the present scant number of OCCs is really encouraging. According to the data of the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs that establish these centres, the number of victims at the nine OCCs in the first three months of 2019 increased by 9.13 per cent compared to the victims, who gathered at the OCCs in the last quarter of 2018. While it is urgent to extend help to a woman or child victim all necessary support, it must be pointed out that people in Bangladesh must learn to treat them equal members of society upholding their rights. Proper application of law is needed for this.