POST TIME: 15 December, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Death of Rumpa
Autopsy report finds no evidence of rape

Autopsy report finds 
no evidence of rape

The forensic department of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) did not find any evidence of rape in the post-mortem report of Rubaiyat Sharmin Rumpa. Rumpa, a Stamford University student, was found dead on a street in the capital’s Sidheswari on December 4. Dr Sohel Mahmud, head of the forensic medicine department of DMCH, confirmed the matter to the reporters yesterday after receiving a partial report on the post-mortem examination. “The samples that were collected during the post-mortem examination were sent to forensic experts for analysis. We have already received the microbiological report, which apparently testifies no signs of rape,” he said. The preliminary report is supposed to be handed over to the investigators tomorrow (Sunday) as per the statement of Dr Sohel. He added, “Medical experts are likely to take a few more days to release the full report. However, we have found injury marks on her body as she fell down from the rooftop.”

Asked about the confirmation of the final report, Dr Sohel told this correspondent the final autopsy report would be brought out once the investigation officers approve.

“Two other reports are pending. We will submit the full autopsy report after talking to the investigation officers, considering the overall circumstances. Once the full report is out, the authorities will be able to come to the conclusion as to whether Rumpa was murdered or she committed suicide,” said Dr Sohel.

Twenty-one-year-old Rumpa, a second-year student of Stamford’s department of English, was found dead in an alley behind the Ayesha Shopping Complex in the Siddheshwari area of the capital on December 4.