POST TIME: 15 December, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Failure to reach decision
COP 25 climate meeting extended by one day
UNB, Madrid

COP 25 climate meeting extended by one day

Scheduled to end on December 13, the COP25 Climate negotiations were extended by one day as representatives of 200 countries failed to reach any decision over issues related to damage, finance and Article 6. The final meeting of ministers yesterday evening will ultimately decide the outcome of this climate summit. The President for the conference, Ms Carolina Schmidt, Minister of Environment of Chile, started the consultation meeting on Thursday evening and listened to the objections countries had on particular issues. During the meeting that lasted till yesterday morning, it was found out that almost all the countries had their objections on the three main issues of this climate conference, namely Article 6, loss damage and finance. The President will finalize a draft of decisions reached through consensus at the climate conference after the conclusion of the consultation meeting yesterday noon.