POST TIME: 15 December, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Emotion turns border into human sea
BSS, Rangpur

Emotion turns border into human sea

Emotion turned the Chapasa-Kochol border in Thakurgaon into a human sea on Friday when blood-bonded relatives living in Bangladesh and West Bengal met one another from across the barbed-wire fences.

President of the ‘Milan Mela Organising Committee’ Nagen Paul told reporters that the event is being arranged during the ‘Patharkali Puja’ along the Chapas-Kochol border between Haripur and Ranisonkoil upazilas along the Kulik riverbank every year.

The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Indian Border Security Force (BSF) extended assistance to the ‘Milan Mela Organising Committee’ in arranging the event there on the ‘Patharkali Puja’ occasion like in the previous years.

“Around one-lakh Bangalees from either side of the common international borders rushed there to meet relatives amid indescribable human emotion, love and affection with tears of joy for seven hours from 10 am to 5 pm on Friday,” Nagen said. The relatives including men, women and people of all ages waited for the last one year, rushed to the border and exchanged well-wishes, greetings, presentations while knowing whereabouts of each-other standing alongside the barbed-wire fences. Thousands of Bangalee relatives, living in the two next-door neighbouring countries, came together to ‘see eye to eye’ there this time.

After searching a lot, some of them wished to catch a little chest after meeting their relatives, but expectations of the men and women present there were not met because of the barbed-wire fences.

Many broke into tears while responding to their close relatives from long distance and many of them had to go back home with tears without seeing their beloved ones.

“I have come to meet my uncle, who lives in India, with my family members after 10 years,” Rawshan Elahi, came from Birganj upazila in Dinajpur district, said adding that he was very happy to meet him after a long time.