POST TIME: 13 December, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Bai family carries forward tie-dyeing
Zhuang Junhua

Bai family
carries forward tie-dyeing

"Can we take a photo with you?" Recently, three tourists visited the Puzhen Tie-Dye Museum in Zhoucheng Village, Xizhou, Dali City and were impressed by the gorgeous tie-dye of the Bai minority. When they learned that museum director Duan Shukun was the eighteenth generation successor of the Duan family Zhoucheng tie-dye technique, they asked for permission to take a photo with him.
    Duan Shukun is a provincial-level intangible cultural heritage successor of the Bai minority tie-dye technique, while his wife Duan Yin is the same but at state-level. "We hope to carry this intangible cultural heritage forward by combining culture with tourism.   We hope to introduce the tie-dye technique to the world," said Duan Shukun. Five years ago, the Duans transformed their family-style tie-dye workshop into a museum where production, exhibition and hands-on experience are integrated.   Last year alone the admission-free museum received 160,000 tourists.
      "I take more than a dozen tourist groups to Dali every year, and the Puzhen Tie-Dye Museum is a must-visit," said Zeng Aiyong, a tour guide with the Shanghai Kuaiqin Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. "My tourists always find it interesting and meaningful to try their hand at tie-dye."