POST TIME: 12 December, 2019 03:14:20 AM / LAST MODIFIED: 12 December, 2019 03:15:06 AM
Onion prices keep falling, finally

Onion prices keep falling, finally

Amid public concern, prices of onion have dropped in retail and wholesale markets across the capital as imported onion have become ubiquitous in the markets.

Price of different varieties of onion fell by Tk 40-50 both in retail and wholesale markets in the capital.

Visiting markets in the capital’s Karwanbazar, Mirpur, and Shyambazar, The Independent correspondent yesterday found that the local onions were being sold at Tk 150-160 per kg, newly grown local onions were being sold at Tk 100-120 per kg, onions imported from Myanmar at Tk 160-180 per kg, and onions imported from Egypt at Tk 100-105 per kg.

Chinese onions were the cheapest, Tk 70-80 per kg. The wholesale prices of the cooking staple imported from China ranged in between Tk 55-60 per kg.

In the meantime, Egyptian onions were selling for Tk 100-105 in the wholesale market while the retail prices fluctuated between Tk 110 and Tk 130.

But the retail price of Burmese onion was Tk 160-180 a kg while it was Tk 140-150 per kg in the wholesale market.

Prices of that cooking ingredient , despite the arrival of newly harvested local variety and also huge number of imported in kitchen markets, were very high last week as well as Monday. However the price dropped yesterday.

Mohammad Ashraf, a wholeseller at Karwanbazar, said: “Murikata, newly imported and also new local onions are coming to the market. I have been

selling this new onion for four days now. On the first day, the wholesale price was Tk 190 a kg but now it has come down to Tk140-150.”  

“I bought 280 kg of different varieties of onions, all of which will be sold out soon. More consignments will arrive within two weeks and hopefully the price will decrease further,” he added.

However, Traders showed their concern about green  onions or newly local onions. Traders said green onions are still immature and small in size. Many farmers are harvesting it early due to high prices. And if it brought continuously in the market, then local onion will have a crisis in the year. However, the supply has brought slight normalcy to the market.