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Archers make perfect 10 to set 19 gold record haul
Sports Reporter, Dhaka

Archers make perfect 10 to set 19 gold record haul

Bangladesh four archers (L-R) Ruman Sana, Eiti Khatun, Soma Biswas and Sohel Rana, who won singles titles in XIII SA Games archery, poses for a photograph in Pokhra yesterday pose for a photograph. BAF photo

Bangladesh archers set a record, winning all the gold medals in a single discipline, as they clinched all 10 gold medals of archery in the XIII South Asian Games in Pokhra yesterday. Bangladesh won a total of five gold medals, one silver and five bronze medals on the day. Four of the gold medals came from archery, while the other from men’s cricket. Bangladesh men’s cricket U23 team emerged champions beating Sri Lanka by seven wickets after the women’s team won the cricket crown on Sunday. The only silver on day was won in fencing. Among the five bronze medals, two were from fencing and one each from shooting, archery and wrestling. Both the men and women archers demonstrated their ascendancy winning all 10 finals to prove that they are too good to the other opponents in the tournament. It may be mentioned that India stayed away from contesting in archery.

After winning all 10 gold medals in the archery, Bangladesh athletes set another record to win highest number of gold medals for the country in the history of SA Games. This time the gold medal tally of 19 is one more than the previous highest number 18 gold medals in Dhaka in 2010 Games. Bangladesh archers won all four single event finals, two each by men and women competitors. Soma Biswas opened the ‘golden door’ by winning the women’s singles compound event defeating Sri Lankan Anuradha Karunarante by 142-134 points.

Sohel Rana won the day’s second gold in the men’s single compound when he defeated Bhutanese contender Dorji Tandin after a hard fought 137-136 points victory. Eiti Khatun, who has already celebrated a double crown along with Ruman Sana winning the gold in the women’s recurve team and recurve mixed team event on Sunday, celebrated her triple crown by winning the gold in the women’s recurve singles event yesterday.

Eiti, the girl from Kushtia, defeated Dema Sonam of Bhutan by 7-3 to earn the feat of winning the triple gold. Earlier, Eiti Khatun began her gold medal hunt with women’s recurve team event accompanied by her compatriots Mehna Akhter Monira and Beauty Roy outplaying Sri Lanka by 6-0 on Sunday.

The youngsters doubled her gold tally by securing gold in the recurve mixed team pairing with country’s best archer Ruman Sana, who has also lifted a triple crown. Eiti also had a big win when, on her way to reach the final, she eliminated Bhutanese contender Karma, who has qualified in the Olympic archery.

Eiti Khatun outplayed her Bhutanese challenger to win gold in the women’s recurve singles final to complete the triple. Ruman Sana closed the day by picking up the last gold medal in archery defeating Bhutan in the men’s single recurve event.

Ruman Sana smashed his Bhutanese challenger Tshering Kinley by 7-1 points.

Besides clinching all 10 gold medals in archery, Bangladesh also won a bronze in this event when Asim Kumar Das defeated Athanpola Sanjeewa Wasanthan Kumara of Sri Lanka by 145-135 points in the men’s compound singles, where Sohel Rana took the gold.