POST TIME: 6 December, 2019 10:39:16 AM
Toya works in new music video

Toya works in new music video

After a hiatus, popular model-actress Mumtaheena Chowdhury Toya is working in a new music video made with the song titled ‘Hariye Jeona Tumi’. Rendered by newcomer singer Hasan Moon, the song’s music video is set to be released on YouTube in the beginning of next year.  Toya, who has performed as a model in multiple hit music videos of trendy songs like ‘Local Bus’ and ‘Girlfriend’er Biya’, will be seen appearing with Hasan Moon in the music video.

Under the direction Preety Dutta, the shooting of ‘Hariye Jeona Tumi’ took place yesterday at the Grand Sultan Resort in Srimangal and other areas in Sylhet.

Regarding her latest project, Toya said, “I really liked the song. Also, I found the story of the music video is unique. I previously worked under the direction of Preety Didi (Preety Dutta). I really trust her direction skills.”

“In the making of a music video, cinematography plays a crucial role. Biswajit Dutta, who was the cinematographer in ‘Hariye Jeona Tumi’, depicted the emotion and story through the lens of his camera. Overall, the entire work went really well. I hope my work will win heart of the audience”, she added further.