POST TIME: 23 November, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Prices of rice, vegetables soar

Prices of rice, vegetables soar

Consumers are facing the heat following the sharp rise in prices of essential commodities, including rice and vegetables, here.

Prices of all kinds of vegetables and rice have gone up significantly during the last one week. Lower-income people have been particularly affected by this sudden price hike.

During a visit to kitchen markets in Bhola, this correspondent found that prices of all kinds of vegetables have doubled compared to the last week.

One kg of cauliflower was sold for Tk. 80 as against last week's price of Tk. 35. Bitter gourds were selling for Tk. 70, which was Tk 40 last week. Similarly, the price of beans went up from Tk. 40 to Tk. 80 a kg. The price of cabbage went up from Tk. 35 to Tk. 50 a kg. The price of papaya soared from Tk. 20 to Tk. 35 per kg.

Rasel, a vegetable trader, said the price of vegetables soared after the cyclonic storm Bulbul caused extensive damage to standing crops. Moreover, the supply of vegetables was badly disrupted due to the ongoing transport strike. Prices of winter vegetables, in particular, shot up abnormally, he added.   

The price of rice also increased in the open market during the last fortnight. During a visit to the rice market yesterday, this correspondent found that coarse rice was being sold for Tk. 30 per kg. It had been selling for Tk. 25 last week.

The price of BR-28, a variety of fine rice, was Tk. 40 per kg as against Tk. 35 last week. Miniket rice was selling for Tk. 50, which was Tk. 42 only a week ago.

Consumers said onion was sold for Tk. 160 per kg yesterday in markets in Bhola. Some consumers told this correspondent that prices of rice and vegetables had gone beyond the purchasing capacity of lower and middle-income people. “Things have worsened due to lack of monitoring by the administration,” one of them said.

However, Masud Alom Siddque, deputy commissioner of Bhola, said: “Our vigilance team is keeping an eye on the kitchen market regularly.”