POST TIME: 21 November, 2019 07:56:57 AM
BTRC seeks corporate numbers’ update info by Nov 30

BTRC seeks corporate numbers’ update info by Nov 30

Bangladesh Telecommuni-cation Regulatory Commission (BTRC) asked the mobile phone operators to submit updated information of their corporate clients by November 30.

BTRC yesterday issued the directives informing the operators that the regulator will cut off the corporate mobile connections if the operators do not submit the information by this time. BTRC also asked the corporate houses to provide assistance to the mobile operators in this regard.

Earlier, BTRC tightened its grip on the sale of corporate mobile connections to prevent misuse, including illegal activities, of the connections. In February this year, BTRC issued five directives for the registration of corporate connections.

According to the directives, the companies or institutions interested to buy corporate SIMs need to provide valid documents and a nominated person's national identification card and fingerprint against which the SIMs are registered.