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Vettori advises spinners to be economical in day-night Test
BSS Kolkata

Vettori advises spinners to be
economical in day-night Test

Bangladesh top ranking batsman Mushfiqur Rahim stretches as a team supporting staff pulls string from behind during a practice session at Eden Garden in Kolkata yesterday ahead of second Test match against India. BCB photo

Bangladesh spin bowling consultant Daniel Vettori wants his spinners to be economical rather than being aggressive, considering the fact that the Indian batsmen remain overwhelmingly dominating against overseas spinners.

The Indian batsmen played the Bangladeshi spinners with utmost ease in the Indore Test in which they won by an innings and 130-run margin.

The second and final Test in Kolkata, starting from Friday, is a day-night match and would be challenging for the spinners to cope with the condition at night when dew factor would come into play.

Vettori though believes in the day part of the game spinners would play a vital role; he sensed a spinner-nightmare in the night in pink ball Test.

But since the Indian batsmen are so good in playing spin ball, Vettori looked cynical about Bangladeshi spinners’ chance in the game too.

“Spin Bowling to Indian probably brings back nightmares for me. Indians has been so dominant against overseas spinners particularly in the last three or four years,” Vettori, who played so many Test cricket in India, said from his experience.

“Whichever spinner has come to this part of the world has been put under a lot of pressure and that is due to the nature of the wickets, the expectations on the spinners and the skill that the Indian batsmen obviously have. It is difficult being an overseas spinner coming over here. Mainly because of the quality of the batsmen,” he added.

“We saw the pressure that Mayank Agarwal put our spinners under and Ajinkya Rahane too. So it’s a tricky challenge. The wicket was as good as it was in Indore. There wasn’t a lot to work with. It is probably going to be the same here as well.”

So the recipe of Vettori is to be as economical as the spinners can do and put the pressure on batsmen.

“I don’t think it is a case of overseas spinners coming here and looking to dominate, do your role as you would back home. It is more about the economy rate, taking 2/60 or 2/70 in the first innings and trying to see what the second innings presents you. That’s the right way to go about it,” he said.

But Vettori at the same time reminded spinners their importance in pink ball Test, saying that in the first two sessions, when the game will be played under sun, would be crucial for them.

“The spinners haven’t come into play that much if I recall correctly (from seeing previous pink ball Tests). It has been the seamers. But I still think the spin bowlers play a big part in the nature of the game.

“So the first two sessions, spinners could really be important. In majority of Test matches, spinners are required at some time of the game,” he said.

He also believes that the extra coat of lacquer in pink ball won’t affect the spinners’ effectiveness since it would be the SG ball.

“They all enjoy the SG ball for a start. So it has been enjoyable to bowl with for spinners so far,” he said.