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Strengthening of community policing needed

Strengthening of community policing needed

Rangpur Metropolitan Police (RMP) Commissioner Abdul Alim Mahmud at a programme on ‘Bit Policing and Community Policing Meeting’ in Rangpur rightly said that strengthening activities of community policing could play a crucial role in bridging police-people relation to curb crimes, eliminate social curses and maintain law and order for building a peaceful society.

With the rapid population growth in the country crimes have also increased. The nature and the form of crimes have also changed. Police along with the members of other law enforcement agencies are striving to control crimes. But criminal activities have surged in such a way that it has become difficult for police to curb the same. In the circumstances, members of the community policing can assist police in stopping crimes. Community policing offers a positive change in society with its active participation. The main objective behind it is to establish a healthy relationship between the police and society. This creates an atmosphere of trust between the police and society.

The community policing system is a joint venture of the police-people cooperation in combating crimes through collective efforts. Community policing members can identify local problems, conflicts and disputes to resolve those locally with assistance of common people to reduce number of cases in police stations and save the commoners from hassles. They can contribute immensely to improvement of law and order, curbing violence, terrorism, militancy, extortion, mugging, robbery and other crimes. Mutual trust and confidence are needed in this regard.

There is a traditional notion that police can never be friends of people. This notion has gained currency due to the incidents of harassment and torture perpetrated on innocent people by a section of corrupt policemen.  Police authorities should take it into account and do the needful. Police will get more cooperation from people if a proper environment of mutual respect and trust is created. The idea of community policing has received a good response in Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Sweden, and India. Community policing is in a fledgling stage.

Some members of community policing have become successful in managing traffic chaos. Since establishment of the rule of law is of vital importance for establishment of good governance, the relevant authorities should take measures for further strengthening community policing for reaping the desired benefits.