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Spanish play ‘Dilemmas with My Flamenco Tailcoat’ charms audience
UNB, Dhaka

Spanish play ‘Dilemmas with My Flamenco Tailcoat’ charms audience

A scene from the play ‘Dilemmas with My Flamenco Tailcoat’. Photo : courtesy

‘Dilemmas with My Flamenco Tailcoat’, a Spanish solo play written, acted and directed by Spanish theatre artist Valeria Tejero Navas was staged on Monday at the international theatre festival ‘BotTala Ranga Mela 2019’ and mesmerized audiences with its unique presentation of storytelling through song and dance.

The play told story of a woman from Andalusia village of Spain, Isabelle Valderramas who was known as the ‘Golden Star’. Through her experiences and dance, she told her audiences about how flamenco dancing by women has evolved over the years, which does not have any specific root but continental heritage.

Isabelle was engaged in dance and considered as a very disrespectful person due to her passion to perform- back in the old times in Spain. Bullied and hated by society for being passionate to dance, how she then ended up developing her role on stage portraying her dilemmas and fight for the culture that eventually got the recognition as an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO- that story was told through the playwright, director and actor of this solo play, Valeria’s beautiful, harmonious performance.

After the performance, Valeria Tejero Navas was greeted and honoured by the Liberation War Museum trustee Mofidul Hoque. She took part in the discussion with the enthralled audiences who shared their curiosities about several aspects of the play, as well as answered and appreciated the enthusiasm of Bangladeshi audiences despite the language barrier.

‘Dilemmas with My Flamenco Tailcoat’ is a production of the troupe Moon Palace (Madrid, Spain). Staged in several countries in the world, the troupe performed the production for the first time in Bangladesh, courtesy to this ongoing international theatre fest ‘BotTala Ranga Mela 2019’, arranged by ‘BotTala - a performance space’.