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Runa Laila’s new
Runa Laila’s new song releasing today
DL reporter, Dhaka

Runa Laila’s new 
song releasing today

After a lot of speculation,  internationally-acclaimed Bangladeshi singer Runa Laila’s new song titled ‘Ferate Parini’, which is also tuned by her, is set to release today. Along with singing the song, the singer will be seen in the music video of the song along with renowned artistes Niloy Alamgir and Sallha Khanam Nadia.

Dhaka Live has news that the music video of ‘Ferate Parini’ will be uploaded to the official YouTube channel of Dhruba Music Station (DMS) today.

The lyric for the song is written by Kabir Bokul while the song’s music arrangement has been done by Raja Kaasheff. Director Shahriar Palak has made the music video under the banner of Dhruba Music Station.

This is for the first time that Runa Laila has participated in a music video done with a song tuned and rendered by herself.

The singer said about the song, “‘Ferate Parini’ is classical-based melodious song. The song’s appeal, emotion and feeling will surely touch the hearts of the audience. Many people worked very hard during the production of the song and its music video. Our passion can be seen in the song.”

The music video of ‘Ferate Parini’ will also be available on the DMS website, GP Music and Banglalink Vibe. l

Photo Courtesy l Golam Sabbir