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Vegetables on char lands bring fortunes for farmers
More than 5,000 marginal farmers cultivate different types of vegetables on about 2,000 hectares of lands
UNB, Cumilla

Vegetables on char lands bring fortunes for farmers

Hundreds of farmers in the district are delighted over bumper yield of vegetables on the char lands of the Gomti River and their good prices. During a visit to the char area in Sadar, Burichang, Brahmanpara, Debidwar, Muradnagar, Titas, Homna and Daudkandi upazilas of the district, the UNB correspondent vast tracts of land covered with green winter vegetables including radish, cauliflower, cabbage, gourd, tomato, bean, chili, pumpkin and red spinach.

Farmers were seen selling the vegetables grown on the char lands in the markets of district and upazila headquarters. According to district Agricultural Extension Department, more than 5000 marginal farmers cultivate different types of vegetables on about 2,000 hectares of char lands.

Farmers were found nurturing their vegetables with much enthusiasm as the market prices of vegetables is good this year. Mosharraf Hossain of Jaluapara village in Gomti river embankment area, said he has already sold out radish worth Tk 150,000 which was cultivated on only one acre of char land.

He has earned profit of Tk 50,000 and then cultivated cabbage on the same land.

Mizan Mia of the same village said he is happy with radish and cauliflower yield on his field. After harvesting these two vegetables, he will cultivate bitter gourd, snake-gourd and ribbed gourd on the same land, he added.

Mantu Mia of Majhigachha village said vegetables grow well with less cost in the char area for availability of irrigation facility from the Gomti River.

Some local farmers make seedbeds on the char land for growing seedlings for their own fields.

“I spend the profit money earned from growing seedlings in the paddy cultivation,” said Imon Mia of Rontabati


Suranjit Chandra, deputy director of DAE district office, said fertile char land is very suitable for vegetables cultivation and irrigation can be managed here from the river. Farmers grow crops three times a year on the char land, he said adding that DAE has been providing all necessary suggestions to the farmers to produce toxic-free vegetables.